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Practice Accountant

We are a tight-knit, friendly, modern accountancy firm based in Wakefield, offering a warm and welcoming office environment. 

Enjoy working alongside our professional, yet down-to-earth team who are ready to welcome you. At our office, we place a high value on communication and consideration of others, along with personal and professional development.

If you value long-term placement you are of great interest to us. As are people who have longer periods of employment. As we continue to develop and grow our established client base, we offer ample in-house opportunities for skill and mind-set development, with increasing options each year.

The ideal new Practice Accountant will be a person who truly values a lovely working environment, and is willing to contribute to that nice dynamic in their own unique way.

There is the opportunity for real input into what we do as a business, where your contributions and suggestions will be taken seriously. Additionally, for the right person (and with time), there is potential to co-run the business, and take partial share ownership too.

Enjoy a genuine work/life balance that features 9 – 5 Work Hours and Work Flexibility Options (in consideration of life events such as illness, disability, bereavement).

As thanks for your contributions, we’ll ensure that you’re well taken care of, offering:

  • A free Mobile Phone
  • Performance related bonuses
  • Free Annual Gym Membership
  • Approval for Spa Visits during work!
  • Approximately 35 Holiday Days Annually
  • Ongoing Accounting & Tax Training available
  • Salary commensurate with experience & seniority
  • 1 x Complimentary Additional Holiday, for your Birthday
  • Approval for Gym Attendance x 2 days per week during work!

Given our progressive and generous benefits, we’re only interested in candidates who possess the confidence to take on some leadership and guidance tasks, regarding day-to-day processes and policies.

In this role, there will be lots of quiet time too, so we’re seeking someone who’s content to work autonomously, without any need for monitoring or prompting, whatsoever. There may be the need for off-site work on occasion.

Maturity and a genuine interest in, or appreciation of self-development themes, will be highly regarded. Our practice is invested in the holistic servicing of clients, therefore any prior experience or interest in coaching, mentoring or leadership aspirations will be highly regarded.

The candidates who’ll make our short-list have:

  • Minimum AAT Qualification
  • Minimum 5 Years Accountancy experience
  • Recent References that verify capabilities & skills
  • A verifiable interest in or experience with limited companies
  • Outstanding client/customer service & Account Management experience
  • The capacity for a proactive, encouraging attitude when guiding others

Does this sound like a good fit for you? Let us know!


Email us:-


Tell us a bit about yourself and about your ideal job :-

  • what would it look like
  • what you would be doing day-to-day
  • what would the perks be
  • would you be doing management tasks
  • would you get extra time off or would you prefer to put your energy into work
  • where would the job be leading
  • what exactly would you want from it
  • don’t be scared to tell us everything – we love honesty and openness!
  • we will email you back with details on what to do next
  • please also include your phone number

Stand-by for our response!

Note: If you do not hear from us within 2 Weeks, your Application has been unsuccessful.

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