We 'get' you, not just your books

Annual Accounts

From statutory filing to smarter financial management


The accounting season comes once a year. It stresses you out and plunders your bank account. Just like Christmas, really!

But it needn’t be an annual headache. With careful management of your accounts, we can end the stresses and shocks – freeing you to budget with confidence and focus your energy on building a stronger business. 

So how does it all work? 

Our accounting service is unique to you, but typically it will start with a tax and business review. This is our chance to look inside your business and understand where you’re heading. Then we’ll explore ways to lower your tax bill and improve your financial management – whether that means smarter bookkeeping, new KPIs or new tech to automate billing and payments. 

Next comes a mid-year check-up. Here we’ll see how you’re progressing and gauge your tax liabilities so you can plan further ahead. 

So when accounting season comes, you’re ready. No surprises.

Our clients find these reviews invaluable, so we like to make it a regular thing. But it’s not compulsory – if you prefer, we’ll just file your accounts then leave you in peace!

Either way, we’re taking care of all your compliances – including:

  • Your annual accounts 
  • Your company tax return
  • Your confirmation statement
  • Your personal tax return
  • Plus any other work you need, like personal returns for other directors

And if you need more support? No problem.

If you want to track numbers in real time, we can switch to management accounts. If you want us by your side as you chase new goals, we can add in business coaching. If you want to increase your take-home, we can add tax planning. It’s all doable.

Just get in touch and we’ll discuss it, as part of a custom package.

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