We 'get' you, not just your books

Management Accounts

Keeping a closer eye on the numbers


Annual Accounts look backwards. So maybe you need something more current? A live snapshot of your business that pinpoints your financial position – whether it’s pulled every month or just a few times a year. 

Management Accounts will give you just that – and with it, a sense of control. 

  • If you’re starting out and lacking confidence in your own decisions
  • If you’re growing so fast that you risk outspending your revenues
  • If you need to know the state of play ahead of a big investment

…There’s no better, easier way to stay on top of the numbers. 

At Partner, we can prepare your Management Accounts at any time. And if you’re using a cloud system like Xero for your books, we can monitor things in between reporting dates too.

Not for the sake of drowning you in data, but to flag up points for discussion and offer you further guidance. 

For example, we can…

  • Show you the risks and opportunities hiding in the data
  • Combine accounts with non-financial stats to assess your business goals
  • Help you weigh up spending decisions…unearth potential savings… 
  • Offer clarity, so you can plan your next move with confidence

After all, we’re not just “number crunchers” here! We’re your strategic partners, committed to your success. Whether we advise by commenting on your latest accounts, or as part of a business coaching service, we’ll have important insights to share.

Just get in touch and we’ll discuss it, as part of a custom package.

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