We 'get' you, not just your books

Going beyond the numbers – it’s all part of the service

Any accountant worth their salt can prepare your books and manage payroll. But is that enough?

Our clients don’t think so. They work with us to get full support in all things financial. Budget-planning. Sourcing finance. Dealing with HMRC. And much more.

In short, we help you manage your finances in a way that fits your skills and business needs. All while taking legal steps to minimise your tax bill.

Our service is customised. But to help you get started, here are some packages...

Pure Accounting

It starts with our basic package. We can prepare your accounts if you’re a limited company, partnership, limited liability partnership or sole trader. Then we’ll submit the relevant return to HMRC – for personal, partnership or corporation tax.

As an extra, we’ll also offer you fee protection insurance to guard against the cost if the taxman singles you out for inspection. Plus, we’re your first port of call for any finance matter.

Through other packages and bespoke support, we can help you with management accounts, forecasting, planning for growth, capital gains, inheritance tax…any problem at all. 

Bookkeeping Your Way

Do your own books, or hand them to us – whichever you prefer. Either way, we can help you manage things efficiently. For the DIY route, we’ll explore your circumstances and recommend a software package that suits the way you work. (There are so many to choose from, and they’re not created equally!) Or leave it to us and we’ll keep your books in order – as well as preparing and submitting regular VAT returns, based on standard rate or any special scheme you might be using.

No Hassle Payroll

It should be simple, right? But lately, complications have set in, thanks to real-time information and auto-enrolment pensions. Not forgetting the risk of penalties everywhere you turn. So these days, running your own payroll is a false economy. It’s far better to trust a specialist and leave the problems behind. If you employ 500 staff or less, we’ll take care of it for you. Monthly, fortnightly or weekly…either way is fine.

Paying You

It’s the biggest question of all: “how much can I pay myself?” – and the answer could be (perhaps) more than you’ve been led to believe. You know the basic rule: pay yourself through an optimum mix of salary and dividends, so you do your bit for the chancellor without overpaying your taxes. It’s simple on paper, but it doesn’t end there. There are legal measures and allowances, like pension planning and scheduling capital investments. It all helps to trim your personal and corporation tax bills – allowing you to take home every penny you’re due.

The Incubator

Starting a new business? You’ll save a lot of heartache by choosing the right accountant from day one. Someone who’ll help cement your business plan, set up your finance systems and (sorry, but we have to) register you with the tax authorities. You’ll get all this support and more with The Incubator, our special package for new enterprises. You’re embarking on an amazing but uncertain journey, so we’ll make sure you’ve always got a firm grip on the numbers – and people you can rely on, whatever hurdles come your way.

Virtual FD

There’s a difficult time in the life of every growing business – usually when turnover is stuck between £1m – £5m. It’s that awkward spot, where you could really use the talents of a Finance Director, but your budget won’t justify a full-time hire. That’s where we come in. Our Virtual FD package is designed for companies like yours, who need a specialist to step in and take responsibility for financial growth. We’re your partner, taking decisions with you and steering you to higher profits – until the day we make ourselves redundant, by funding a full-time replacement.

What can you expect from our service?

Support when you need it

You won’t believe the lengths we go to! We helped John set up his online banking… took over Stuart’s rent dispute… helped Gordon manage the numbers when HMRC changed an allowance… automated Gary’s monthly tax payments through a CIS… helped secure finance for Matthew’s new company vehicle… trained one of Stephen’s team to handle invoicing through Xero… secured Liam’s mortgage, and managed it through to completion… Basically, your financial problem is our problem too. We’ll do all we can to help – and we know some great people who can solve the problems we can’t.

No surprises

Accountants are always telling clients to “stay on top of the numbers” by keeping a tight rein on monthly expenditure. That’s common sense. But ironically, in practice it’s all but impossible – because surprise invoices keep appearing. Often, from accountants! We won’t do that. We’re here to make accounting simple, and our fees are true to that principle. Everything we do is agreed up-front in writing, and managed through a single, fixed monthly direct debit. This covers all our periodic work throughout the year, so relax – you won’t pay us another penny. Guaranteed.

Real time access

Do you know – at any given second – where you’re at financially? Like how much cash you’re holding…value of stock…bills waiting for your approval? And your invoices: how much is pending? How much is overdue? Every business owner needs real-time access to these important numbers, 24/7. So we’ll set you up with a cloud-based bookkeeping system that you can access from any location, on any device. We feel that Xero is the most effective and best value software online, but it’s not the only option. If you prefer an alternative, let us know.

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