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Your accounting system should feel like a custom fit. But…does it?

If you want to get paid sooner… invoice faster… keep up with cashflow… the first question is, does your system fit the way you work?

Is it too complex? Too basic? Too inflexible? Or a perfect match, with every feature you need? Only you can tell.

If you see room for improvement, check out this free report. We’ve taken an impartial look at all the pros and cons, to help you make the right choice – and take back control of your finances.

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“There must be a system that does everything I want…?”

Whether you’re using the latest software, or still relying on spreadsheets, it’s unlikely that you feel your system is “perfect”.

You get by, sure. But maybe you’re spending hours on tasks that should take just a few minutes… or wrestling with work you should be delegating?

So, perhaps it’s time to take a fresh look at your options?

In this report, we’ve taken a critical look at half a dozen market leaders and listed all the pros and cons – no detail spared.  Including:

  • Reporting: who gives you the info you need – like daily snapshots, monthly trends and alerts?
  • Invoicing: who helps you set up your invoices… customise them… track and follow-up… reconcile with the bank… and repeat on demand?
  • Payroll: who offers a simple set-up, and runs it for you – saving hours of hassle, monthly?
  • Dividends: who shows you what’s been paid, and what’s there for you to draw down?
  • Expenses: who logs all your receipts, and passes them onto clients?
  • Time-Tracking: who helps you bill by the hour, and allocate time to invoice… so you can stop giving away hours of extra time?
  • Permissions: who offers flexible ways to delegate, without disclosing confidential info to junior staff?
  • Bidding: who helps you build quotes, estimates and proposals, by picking costed items… then convert to invoice, so you get paid on acceptance?
  • Banking: who syncs with your account, and puts all your outgoings into categories… slashing your bookkeeping costs?
  • Customer Service: who gives you support on tap… and who leaves you to cope on your own?
  • PLUS, we’ll give you some personal answers in a free one-to-one session: Beyond The Numbers

Will you find a “perfect” system here… with every last feature on your wish-list?

Maybe. Maybe not.

But will you find the best system for you… the one that’s closest to perfect?

Yes. So at the very least, you’ll have a solid foundation – which you’ll be able to maximise with the help of a good accountant.

What’s more, when you request this report, we’ll send you regular accounting and tax-saving tips. And you’ll get a new version of the report every time we update it.

So you’ll always get the most from your system… whether we work together or not!

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