We 'get' you, not just your books

Business Coaching

Delivering goals by learning from the numbers


“Seriously – your ACCOUNTANT is your Business Coach?” 

It’s bound to happen…work with us to grow your business, and you will get that reaction!

After all, the word “accountant” conjures up an image of some grey old bean counter, quill in hand, jotting numbers into a dusty ledger. That’s hardly Elon Musk! 

But as you’ll see, we’re not bean counters – we’re your thinking partner in all things business and finance. And yes, that includes coaching…if it’s right for you. 

As your Business Coach, we’ll be wearing many hats. We’ll be:

  • Your Sounding Board. Here to chew over problems and figure out the answers – or connect you with people we trust to give an informed perspective. 
  • Your Voice of Caution. Whatever your plans, we’ll offer scrutiny and lobby for a steady, measured approach. We’re not here to hold you back…but we’ll speak up whenever we see a risk.
  • Your Finance Mentor. Working at your pace, we’ll develop your finance skills. So you can model ROI every time you invest, and see the story behind the numbers on every balance sheet. 

More than that, we’ll be your ally. Someone in your corner, who’s always thinking about your business, from risks to opportunities.

So is this right for you?

Let’s find out. We only have limited spots, and we have to “click” if we’re going to make it work. So it starts with a chat, where we’ll get to know each other and see if we’re on the same page.

Just get in touch and we’ll discuss it, as part of a custom package.

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