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Company Formations & Structures

Setting up your business for maximum efficiency


If you can spare 5 minutes and £10, you can hop online and set up a UK company. It’s that easy. 

But “easy” is deceptive. Because once you get into the company structure, there are serious pitfalls. One bad decision can blight the business for years into the future – condemning you to high taxes or giving shareholders powers that you never meant to relinquish.

So let’s get this right. Whether you’re starting a new business or taking stock after years of trading, let us take a look at your set-up with a fresh pair of eyes.

We’ll ask fundamental questions first, like:

  • Who owns the company – and are you open to sharing ownership if it cuts your tax bill?
  • Who are your shareholders, and what roles do they play?
  • How will you pay them – are they entitled to dividends like you, or do you want to set special terms?
  • What about influence – do they get a vote when you make decisions?
  • If you offer new shares later on, does it change their percentage?
  • What’s the long-term picture? Can you buy their shares back? Where do shares transfer after death?

We’ll discuss all this and agree some basic rules for the business, to give you maximum profit, maximum control. Then we’ll cement it by preparing your Articles of Association – using “alphabet” shares to assign different rights to different shareholders.

We’ll prepare your Shareholder Agreements too. And when needed, we can also handle Confirmation Statements… Share Buy-Backs… New Share Issues… Bonus Issues… Subdivision of Shares… Consolidation of Shares… and more.

It’s all about future-proofing your business, so you can grow it your way without disruption…and profit from your success.

Just get in touch and we’ll discuss it, as part of a custom package.

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