We 'get' you, not just your books


The foundation of good accounting


Our bookkeepers do as much – or as little – as you need: 

  • If you’re ruthlessly efficient, logging and labelling every transaction, we’ll just double-check your figures each time VAT comes around. 

And at the other extreme:

  • If you’re prone to stuffing all your receipts in a Tesco bag (yes, it happens!) we’ll untangle the chaos for you. It’s not fun, but needs must…

For most of our clients though, the answer lies somewhere in the middle, where expenses get logged – but not in a way you’d submit to the taxman. (Sound familiar?) 

Whichever bracket you fall into, we can help. So let’s talk software… 

Let’s say first, we’re not fans of spreadsheets. Smart as they are, they’re missing a whole raft of functions, like generating invoices and talking to your bank. So in our book, it’s worth paying the small cost of a cloud-based system. 

Our weapon of choice is Xero, but we can work with others like Sage or QuickBooks – or help you migrate to Xero with some tech support and training. 

Once you’re set up, you’ve got the best of both worlds:

  • With a live bank hook-up, your invoice payments are logged without any manual input. Late payments can be chased down. And reports are automated, showing revenues by time, product or any other metric. All of which means you’re not paying us to process and report!
  • And where there is work to do, like physically adding expenses, you have the choice to do it yourself or pass it on to us. (For a fast-growing business where time is precious, that flexibility is priceless.)

All that said, you don’t have to use software. If you’re the Tesco bag type and you’d rather outsource the whole caboodle, we’ll do it all via our in-house accounting platform. 

As with every service we offer, it’s whatever works best for you.

Just get in touch and we’ll discuss it, as part of a custom package.

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