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Meditation can Help Boost your Business’s Success. Here’s How.

Why you should meditate if you want better business performance As CEO, you are your business. Its performance and yours are forever entwined. So, how you perform both as a leader – and generally as a human, directly affects how your business performs too. You’re past the scary start-up phase and happy with how your […]

HMRC extends the self-assessment deadline by one month

HMRC extended the filing deadline for self-assessment tax returns to 28 February 2022

HMRC is also postponing late-payment penalties for self-assessment taxpayers until 1 April because it “recognises the pressure” individuals and businesses are facing because of Covid-19

Can I claim my mobile phone as a company expense?

HMRC expenses rules state that you can make available for use to an employee one mobile phone for business purposes, which is exempt from tax on the individual as a Benefit in Kind (BIK) and a legitimate allowable expense against corporation tax. Rules vary depending on the chosen model. Let’s see what the optimal model is.

Employing family members in your business

There are various ways of running a business. People raise eyebrows when a family member joins a company. It always brings up some questions on several aspects, including the tax implications of employing family members in your industry.
Accountants have demanding roles to play in such scenarios, and lawyers also come to the fore to counter challenges and threats. Hence, their expert opinion matters a lot.

Budget 2021

Summary of the budget on 3 March 2021, covering most areas most relevant to SMEs. The CJRS scheme has been extended, there will be a new recovery loan scheme to replace the CBILs and BBLs. Increase to corporation tax rates. Extension of the stamp duty holiday until June 2021. One final self employed grant will be available.