We 'get' you, not just your books

We’re not the only accountants in Wakefield…but for sheer flexibility, we think we’re one of a kind. Anywhere.

What do you want from your accountant?

Perhaps you’ve never asked yourself that question – many don’t. But if you’re about to trust someone with your finances, it certainly deserves some thought.

What exactly are you looking for?

Do you want someone who’ll prepare your accounts, and nothing more? Or someone who’ll work with you to see your business succeed?

If it’s “accounts and nothing more”, then let’s be frank: we’re just one of hundreds of accountants you can choose from in your local area.

But if you want more than a bean counter, Partner is your natural choice – wherever you happen to be.

Why? Because we’re flexible!

We’re your support first, your accountant second. So you can turn to us for help with every kind of challenge. Like:

  • Maximising take-home
  • Cashflow
  • Managing investments
  • VAT
  • Tax breaks
  • Financial planning
  • Financing growth
  • KPIs & reporting
  • Working the numbers
  • Software and systems
  • Balance sheets
  • Marketing analysis
  • Profitability
  • Scaling the business
  • And more

It has to be said, this elite level of service is pretty rare in our industry. Normally, it’s reserved for clients who turn over 8 or 9 figures and pay sky-high accounting fees.

But we think every entrepreneurial business owner deserves the same courtesy. So it’s all part of the service here, starting at £120 per month.

If that’s the kind of premium help you’re looking for, we should talk. So click below, and let’s arrange a meeting – in person or online.

We’ll look at your financial goals, for life as well as business. We’ll look at where things are heading now, and the obstacles that could show up as your business grows.

Plus, we’ll look at how you manage your finances today: are you in control of the numbers, or is it the other way round?

Click below to apply for a call, and let’s have that conversation. Let’s gauge the kind of support you’ll need, so you can push ahead…and grow the business with the right team and finance systems behind you.

Meet Your Accounting Partners

We’re not faceless accountants – we’re people just like you, and you’ll love our warm human touch.

Whether we see you in person or online, you’ll know what one of our clients meant when he told us “It’s like you’re one of my family”.

Meet us below…

Paul Harrison

I have worked as an accountant all my life (it’s more exciting than it sounds!), starting out in the family business, then setting up on my own in 2013. My primary aim is to offer support to small business owners in whatever way required – I believe accountants are better placed than any other professional to do this.

Debra Brady
Looking after your books

I love to look after you, as well as your books, helping to make your record-keeping as easy as possible.  Come to me with any bookkeeping problem and I will offer you my down to earth, practical solutions.

Paul Kent
Keeping your staff happy

I manage the payrolls and complex pensions for all our limited company clients, to ensure that everyone gets paid on time.  You need to make sure you get this right or people get upset very fast!  When not doing this you will find me producing accounts or looking after your books in the cloud.

Darren Crabtree
Help when you need it

I can’t remember how long I’ve worked as an accountant, it’s been so long!  I like to look after customers books, offering my friendly and helpful advice, to make things progress as easily as possible.

Olga Atamanchuk
Technical and legal help

I deal with legal and banking regulations for European Union customers, having qualified in German law, I am well placed to take a strategic view across all small and medium company issues.

Keeping the staff happy

I spend each day working hard in the office to ensure that everyone is happy and morale is kept high. If you come in for a meeting and would like to meet me, just let one of the team know. Everyone here loves cats, we also support our local cat rescue centre – Huddersfield Feral and Strays, as one of our chosen charities.

Keep your books in order… and help some great causes too

Every year, we donate 5% of our net profit to some of our favourite charities. By working with us, you’ll be adding your support – so thank you, on behalf of:


Yorkshire Air Ambulance: a rapid response emergency service for over 5 million people


Wakefield Hospice: caring for people with an advanced, progressive life threatening illness


Adopt Don’t Stop: the Ukrainian animal rescue centre, uniting animals and owners


Huddersfield Feral and Strays: taking care of cats who don’t have a home, and finding them one


Meditation in Huddersfield: a relaxed meditation centre for inner peace and wellbeing


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