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If cash is rapidly draining from your business…what’s your next move?

Cashflow is an endless headache for a growing business. It seems cash crawls in at a snail’s pace, then rushes out again! So you’re always playing catch-up…fighting to stay in the black.

So what can you do TODAY to improve your cash position? Then how can you flip the ratios, so cash comes flowing into your bank faster than it leaves?

This report gives you practical steps for today and the long-term. Download it now… protect your cash… and work towards bigger profits.

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The second your business shifts up a gear…it happens!

You know the feeling? That moment when you switch from start-up to growth mode, with aggressive plans for the future…and in an instant, cash becomes a serious problem.

Why is that?

The problem is, you’re committed to spending money faster than ever before. You have to pay more staff… lean more on contractors… ramp up orders for materials… it adds up, quickly.

But chances are, you’re working from a low cash base that gives you no room for manoeuvre. All while your collections process is still taking shape.

So the cash you desperately need is coming in fits and starts.

Result: you spend your days fighting to plug the holes. Hoping this receipt will come in time to cover that bill.

It all eats up far too much of your time, and slows your business growth.

So what can you do, starting now, to turn things around – to switch from a vulnerable state to a healthy, regular profit?

It’s a huge topic. And we appreciate, your time is tight. So we’ve condensed our advice into this short and simple report.

Download it now, and discover:

  • Urgent steps to get paid what you’re due, without delay
  • Which type of debtors should you chase first, for the best return?
  • Should you delegate collections, or pick up the phone yourself?
  • Preserving the relationship: what if the customer says, “bear with me”?
  • A simple step for your sales team, to get all the money up front
  • How to clamp down on spending… without disrupting the business
  • Leverage: which expenses give you some wriggle room?
  • Your extra bargaining power if you’ve recently bought the business
  • Getting organised: how to stay on top of the numbers, and spot a looming crisis
  • How to get paid more… and get paid faster… in the future
  • Optimisation: working more efficiently, to maximise future profits
  • PLUS, get some personal answers in a free one-to-one session: Beyond The Numbers

Remember, we’ve kept this short and sweet. We won’t waste your time by telling you the obvious in agonising detail! Instead, you get a common-sense guide, with plenty of ideas that might be new to you.

Ideas you can implement quickly – mostly by delegating.

What’s more, when you request it, we’ll send you regular accounting and tax-saving tips – and you’ll get a new version of the report every time we update it, to reflect the latest changes like new laws and systems.

So, you’ll have a permanent up-to-date checklist… whether we become your accountant or not.

All you have to do is click below and enter a few details.

And don’t forget to claim your free Beyond The Numbers call.

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