We 'get' you, not just your books

The Incubator

Accounting support in a box – for UK start-ups only


We love working with entrepreneurs. We love the whole can-do spirit and the big, big goals for the future. But we also know the challenges, like paying top whack for services and mastering a massive list of vital new skills. We know it’s tough.

So we’ve put together a special package, exclusively for start-ups, with accounting and business support tailored for the first few years.

We call it The Incubator – because it’s all about growing in controlled, supportive conditions.

Your Incubator package includes:

  • Accounting Essentials – keeping the books in order, and keeping you on top of the numbers
  • Tax Planning – reducing your liabilities in ethical ways that fit your business 
  • Company Structure – setting the rules of the business, to maximise profits and minimise disputes
  • Remuneration Planning – increasing your take-home through stringent use of allowances
  • Business Support – SOS calls, accounting reviews, coaching…it’s all up for grabs 
  • Tax Investigation Cover – shielding you from the cost of dealing with HMRC

As with all our services, your package is totally flexible. Especially when it comes to business support – because we don’t know what you’ll need until we talk it over.

The timeframe is flexible too. Typically, we’d expect a new business to “graduate” from the Incubator within a couple of years, then grow and scale through our regular services. But everyone moves at their own pace.

First though, we need to talk and figure out what you need.

Just get in touch and we’ll discuss it, as part of a custom package.


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