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Do you feel you’re working flat out…for little or no reward?

As a business owner, there’s nothing more frustrating than watching money fly through the bank, knowing you’ll only see a fraction of it in your take-home pay.

Surely you must be entitled to more – without handing too much over to the taxman?

This report will tell you. Download it here, and find out if you’re getting all you deserve or leaving money on the table.

No tax jargon – just common sense.

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“It seems everyone else is getting paid, while I sit and wait”

Ironic, isn’t it? You’ve defied the odds and built a business that’s holding its own in the world. But despite your turnover, you can’t seem to stabilise your take-home pay.

Some months, you earn less than the office junior – correct?

Well, it’s not good enough. If your business is profitable, you should be getting a sizeable piece of the reward.

If you’re not…it’s time to take another look at your payslip. And ask the question:

“Is it possible that your accountant has dropped the ball?”

To be clear, we’re not throwing accusations. We don’t know your situation, so we can’t possibly comment. But it’s fair to say, some accountants simply go through the motions.

They’ll follow the standard “salary plus dividends” model, to offer a modest tax saving. But do they explore the full range of allowances and tax planning strategies?

Honestly – some do, some don’t.

So for you, there’s only one option:

Do your own research, and make sure you’re getting all you deserve – and not handing the chancellor an unexpected windfall.

In this free, concise report – written for the 2018/19 tax year– we run through all the legal steps you can take as the owner of a limited company here in England. All in clear, simple language with no accountancy speak.

Take a look, and you’ll discover:

  • Your 2018/19 tax allowances: PAYE Vs Dividends
  • How to save more by carefully timing your dividend declarations
  • The legal way to double your annual tax allowance
  • Is your company car a perk or tax burden, in the current climate?
  • How much can you claim if you work from home – full or part time?
  • The expenses you don’t need to report in your tax return
  • The full list of allowances that could hand you over £28,000
  • 4 ways to cut your personal tax bill – how many are you using?
  • Corporation Tax Relief: 5 ways to reduce your liability
  • Steps your accountant should be taking, to protect your income
  • PLUS get some personal answers in a free session: Beyond The Numbers

Of course, you can find a lot of this by Googling “UK tax allowances”!

But then, you’re dealing with the outdated info and spurious advice that make it into the listings. Here, in this report, you know it’s all up to date – and comprehensive, too.

What’s more, when you request it, we’ll send you regular accounting and tax-saving tips – and you’ll get a new version of the report every time we update it.

All you have to do is click below and enter a few details.

And don’t forget to claim your free Beyond The Numbers call.

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